28 septembre 2007

"Many moods of " Alton Ellis

many moods of alton ellis Many moods of Alton ellis :

Enregistré entre 1972 & 1983 au studio treasure isle par Joe Gibbs,
L’album a était mixé par Prince Jammy et Lee Perry.

  1. Black on black
  2. I’ll take your hand
  3. Black my experience
  4. Rise and fall
  5. Ain’t no music :
  6. No man is perfect :
  7. Pure sorrow :
  8. Bless you
  9. inside my soul
  10. The humble will stumble
  11. Mr Skabina
  12. The children are crying
  13. Loving you
  14. If I could rule the world
  15. It’s hard to be a lover
  16. Stronger
  17. Stronger (cut 2)

Les musicians : Carlton “Santa” Davis, Sly Dunbar, Lloyd Parks, Leroy Sibbles, Boris Gardner, Ranchie McLean, Rick-a-Backa, Bo-Peep, Bingy Bunny, Winston Wright, Ansel Collins, Vin Gordon, Headly Bennett, Bobby Ellis, Sticky, Skully, Alton Ellis & Bongo Hermann …

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