23 octobre 2007

The Heptones "sweet talking"

the heptones sweet talking The heptones "sweet talking" est sortit le 23 juillet 2007 sur le label Studio One et Heartbeat.

"Sweet talking" réunit les meilleurs titres des Heptones chez Studio one produit par l’incontournable Coxonne Dodd entre 1967 et 1971.
The Heptones "baby" :

The Heptones c’est le trio mythique Leroy Sibbles à la basse, Barry Llewellyn et Earl Morgan.
  1. Equal Rights
  2. Pretty Looks Isn't All :
  3. Sweet Talking
  4. We Are in the Mood
  5. Let's Try (Extended Mix)
  6. How Can I Leave You
  7. One Love
  8. Tripe Girl
  9. It's Like Heaven
  10. Only Sixteen
  11. Every Day and Every Night
  12. Baby
  13. Message from a Blackman (Extended Mix)
  14. Give Me the Right
  15. Sad Songs
  16. Glory Land
  17. Why Did You Leave Me to Cry
  18. In Love With You

De "equal rights" , "Let’s Try", "message from a blackman" aux textes militants à des morceaux lovers comme "Pretty Looks Isn’t All", "how can I leave you", "Sweet Talking", "one love", "it’s like even", "We Are In The Mood":

"Sweet talking" : un pur album issue de l’époque ou le rock steady deviant early reggae : the foundation.

the heptones sweet talking

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